Mark DudleyWindowlink, creator of market leading design, sales and pricing software, has recently reported a spike in demand for both their conservatory and window and door software modules, Vector and Focus. Alongside demand from new customers, the company has also recorded a high number of returning clients opting for more features after experiencing first-hand the benefits of using specialised sales software.

With homeowners becoming ever more discerning, trying to sell conservatories, windows and doors with just the help of a rudimentary sketch on a piece of paper is no longer effective. End consumers are now reluctant to commit to big investments unless they can clearly see the benefits of going ahead with the purchase.

This is the reason why more and more installers are now looking at specialised software to help them win more sales. Windowlink’s Vector, the design, sales and pricing software, was developed to make quoting and selling conservatories faster and easier, whereas Focus is specifically directed at the window and door market.

Windowlink works with installers to customise the software for the specifics of their business, adding all the products they offer, making the designing and pricing of a project as accurate as possible. The software helps installers look more professional and encourages client trust, which translates into more sales.

Windowlink managing director, Mark Dudley said: “To convince homeowners their high expenditure is well worth it, installers must have the right tools to deliver a solid case, and a drawing on a piece of paper doesn’t get the message across.

“What Vector and Focus do, aside from accurately showing end consumers how their property is going to look with the new additions, is create a trusting partnership between installers and their clients. The price is never hidden, and any new option selected will alter it in real time. So if the homeowners have a strict budget to stick to, they can work together with the installer to bring the price down by choosing lower specifications. This also prevents them from having to give discounts and results in higher profit margins.”

The software completely alters the dynamic of the sales pitch, and it can work just as well for upselling, as it does to convert reluctant homeowners. The superimposing function of the software makes it possible for installers to “apply” the conservatories, windows or doors they’ve just designed to a picture of the homeowner’s property. This shows them how the finalised project will look before they’ve even agreed to it, making them more likely to go that extra mile and get exactly what they want.

Windowlink has been delivering innovations in the design and sales software market for almost 30 years. The company was recently acquired by Mark Dudley, who worked at Windowlink for 20 years, and another 9 years running his own company, Whiteshill Systems, a specialist re-seller of Windowlink software. Mark’s vast experience in this field led to positioning Windowlink software as a market leading product. Vector and Focus stand out from other designing and pricing tools not only thanks to the high quality, realistic graphics, but also because of their ability to price up the entire project, and not just the frames. For conservatories, Vector takes into account electrics, plumbing, groundwork etc. The software is entirely configurable, so can be as complex or as simple as required.