Leading patio door manufacturer Sliders UK can save glazing installers from falling foul of new EU legislation and facing court sanctions.

By working with the governing bodies, the company has created a straightforward way for its customers to achieve the mandatory CE marking on its products without the headache of all the extra paperwork.

Recently introduced guidelines regarding CE markings come into effect on July 1, with industry insiders expecting the first rule-breakers to face court sanctions in the autumn and the first prosecutions to hit in spring 2014.

But Sliders’ new service makes compliance as easy as 1-2-3. No hassle, no need for changing suppliers and no court dates.

From July 1, all trade products will need to carry a new CE mark – however this may only be awarded to complete products and not individual components.

This is proving a headache for a majority of installers, as purchasing frames and glass separately is common practice. But thanks to a new service provided by Sliders, companies will still be able to achieve CE marking and continue to operate within the law.

Sliders has done the research and developed an innovative unique methodology, working with its Factory Process Control (FPC) consultants, a Notified Body and its legal experts to create a system where it can CE mark its products without the hassle of shipping glass units.

In effect, Sliders handles the due dilligence process and carries the burden of acquiring the associated paperwork – including locating and vetting approved glass suppliers – leaving the installer free to carry on with business, virtually as normal. In this way the installers local IGU manufacturer can retain the business and glass movement is localised so reducing the transport costs and carbon emissions.

Sliders joint managing director Ian Longbottom said: “The CE marking requirement has struck fear into the minds of fabricators, installers and glass companies alike. And rightly so; the changes in regulations are to become UK law with effect from 1st July – and the industry widely expects the first cases to hit court in October and the first prosecutions by Spring 2014!

“Knowing how much of a logistical nightmare this will prove to many of our partners, we have invested a lot of time and worked closely with relevant agencies to develop a system that ticks all of the necessary boxes whilst causing as little disruption to normal working practices as possible.”

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