IMG_1387Roof Assured by Sarnafil gave a product demonstration to members of the EEC Home Improvements sales team at their headquarters in Southport, Cheshire. EEC are a Sika Roof Assured registered installer and the demonstration was organised at the request of John Honeyball, Operations Director, EEC to give his sales team an overview of the application of the Sarnafil flat roof membrane.

Using the Sika Sarnafil TSV (Technical Support vehicle) Brian McDonnell, North Applications Field Manager, Sika Sarnafil accompanied by Bob Newall, Business Development Manager, Sika Roof Assured, gave the demonstration on the techniques used to apply the Sarnafil flat roof membrane. Members of the EEC team were invited to have a go at welding, with great levels of success.

Ewen Maclean, Operations Manager at EEC said: “This was an opportunity for our sales team to invest in their product knowledge and understand the key differentiators between the Sarnafil membrane and other flat roof products. Our ethos is ‘making your dream home a reality’ and so it’s important for our sales team to understand the technical and aesthetic features of the membrane. A demo like this is so much more enlightening than looking at a piece of literature and helps us to sell the features and benefits to our customers.”

Bob Newall said: “A big thank you for EEC for giving us this golden opportunity to demonstrate the quality of the Sarnafil products and its expert application techniques face to face to their sales team. The audience could see for themselves why the Sika Sarnafil model is so different from competitor flat roof applications and how this gives them a unique selling proposition.

One of the features of the Sarnafil flat roof membrane is that it can be applied in all weathers which was aptly demonstrated as it rained most of the day we were there!”

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