Fast growing composite door manufacturer, DOORCO has recently taken delivery of a second Edgebander in the next phase of its strategic UK manufacturing expansion. Providing extra capacity to look after the company’s increasing number of prepped door customers, the investment is part of DOORCO’s £5 million investment programme to date.

Matt Le Masurier, DOORCO’s Senior Production Manager comments: “The composite door sector is a competitive place, so it’s imperative that suppliers can deliver what customers need when they need it. Even better than this is pre-empting their requirements and ensuring you’re ready to deliver the solution when they go looking for it. The only way to achieve this is to take control of the entire manufacturing process and invest in the best machinery for the job. The addition of the new Edgebander will ensure DOORCO continues to do just this and completes the line-up of two Edgebanders, two state of the art paint lines, a beam saw and three CNCs.

270 Doors Every Hour

“The new Biesse Edgebander has a lot of capacity. It runs at 18 meters a minute, meaning one machine can theoretically edge nine sides a minute, or 270 doors an hour. The problem for suppliers who only have one Edgebander is that in the event of a breakdown, they can’t route, paint, pack or ship a single door, irrespective of how much equipment or how many personnel they have downstream – the job stops. If fault diagnosis identifies a need for replacement parts, the situation very quickly snowballs and customers end up paying the price. That’s why we’ve got two Edgebanders.

“We feel the real-world value of the recent investments into our operations, both from a machinery and people perspective, is immeasurable. We understand the high value attached to customers’ peace of mind that their doors will be delivered on time, every time. Unlike some manufacturers with a simpler business model, automation for DOORCO is critical because we have such a diverse spread of customers, ranging from one-off prepped doors to containers. Each one is important to us. It’s thanks to the investment we’ve already made on behalf of the supply chain and are continuing to make, we can ensure we’ll continue to raise bar on our customer service and delivery on robust operational targets, whilst staying at the forefront of product quality and new innovation.”

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