The AvanTec SimplySmart range of concealed window fittings from Schueco UK has been made more flexible and comprehensive than ever with the addition of a number of new parts designed to increase the system’s versatility

Among these is the Schueco SmartActive window handle which provides one answer to widespread concerns about the increasing numbers of germs that are becoming resistant to conventional antibiotics.

The SmartActive handle has a specially developed anti-microbial surface finish, incorporating micro-silver particles, that kills germs on contact. Independent tests verify a 99.9% reduction in germ contamination within 24 hours.

Available in a variety of finishes including stainless steel and powder colour coated, SmartActive is effective against multi-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and MRSAE. Importantly, being free of nano particles, SmartActive is perfectly safe in use.

In addition, an AvanTec anti-slam fitting has been introduced. Fully concealed within the window rebate, this employs various opening limiter stays to counter the problem of a sudden air-flow causing vents to slam shut.

Effective in use and easy to retrofit, this is a very practical new addition to a range which already includes a concealed fitting that allows a vent to open a full 180O.

The AvanTec range now also includes Comfort fittings: these have been developed in response to the architectural trend for specifying larger and heavier vents. They provide mechanical assistance to make vents easier to open and close by reducing operating forces.

Schueco AvanTec SimplySmart fittings can be used on all inward-opening windows – specifically, tilt-turn, side-hung and bottom-hung vents and top lights – and are suitable for standard vent weights up to 160 kg rising to 200 kg for tilt-turn and 250 kg for a side-hung system.

Of course, the principal benefit of AvanTec SimplySmart fittings is that they make fabrication simple and faster. This is because the main components use secure clip-on technology, rendering drilling and separate screws unnecessary.

Schueco AWS windows with AvanTec SimplySmart fittings have also now received certification from Exova BM Trada.