Newly available from sustainable building envelope specialist Schueco UK, is the Schueco Fabrication Data Center. The unique combination of hardware and software provides centralised digital access to project and project information, increasing efficiency and reducing risk in project delivery.

The hardware consists of an ultra-compact Windows PC with W-Lan connection, a 27 inch multi-touchscreen and a barcode scanner. For ease of commissioning, SchüCal MCO software and Schueco Docu Center digital manuals are pre-installed and configured for fabrication and material planning.

Touchscreen technology facilitates easy navigation of SchüCal ribbon menus, items and files. Setting ‘read only’ access prevents unplanned changes and errors when reading project files. Quick information functionality provides an overview of the articles required to assemble an item and includes hyperlinks directly to article data in the manuals. This results in considerable time savings.

Bar preparations are available in 3D and multiple view formats using the MCO processing function. This can be accessed directly from the screen or by use of the bar code scanner and can be rotated in a 3D orbit.

Digital access to current manual and catalogue information through Schueco Docu Center is presented in a clear book shelf structure in high-res PDF format with zoom, comment and size adjustable controls. Searches may be made by product series, article number or terminology and, if required, bookmarked for quick future reference.

SchüCal outputs and imported documents can be saved to project folders on the FDC or in a shared network folder. A direct-print function allows the connection of a printer to produce bar code labels and paper copies of documents if needed.

For further information about the Schueco Fabrication Data Center and how it may be obtained, email