If you wanted evidence of how popular solid conservatory and orangery roofs are, look no further than the sales figures of market roof innovator LEKA Systems. The company has just reported a doubling of order volume in 2017. Rhys Hoddinott, Director of LEKA, says: “The solid roof market is booming and we’ve got (what our customers tell us) are the best-in-class products in the sector as our 2017 sales growth shows.”

Alongside the impressive sales growth, Rhys also reports that his company has run over 50 product and sales training courses to over 400 personnel to help them get up and running with the new products quickly. Rhys says: “LEKA products add incredible value to a portfolio and our training package helps new installers see that value as soon as possible.”

LEKA has two products: the market-leading LEKA Warm Roof and the LEKA Orangery Roof. Both took the market by storm when they were launched, and all the signs are that the company’s latest product, which will be launched in March, will deliver the same compelling, on-trend features homeowners love.

The LEKA Warm Roof delivers the thermal efficiency today’s homeowners are looking for from their conservatories thanks to the unique GRP construction, which results in a U value of just 0.15 W/m²K. It has a longer lifespan than the traditional tile, concrete or slate alternatives, making it a better investment. The roof is available in any design, can incorporate Velux rooflights and offers a bigger span and a lower pitch, giving it incredible versatility. It’s good for installers too: there are fewer elements to install than on a traditional solid conservatory roof, so on site installation typically takes just two to three days, including removing the old conservatory roof.

The LEKA Orangery Roof has the same exceptional thermal efficiency as the Warm Roof, which makes it the perfect solution for homeowners wanting to extend their homes to create bigger kitchens, living spaces and dining rooms. Like the Warm Roof, it’s quick and easy to install, taking two men one day (excluding the lantern and roof membrane).

So, to tap into the opportunities the solid roof market has to offer – and go on the waiting list to be the first to hear about the new product launch in March – take a closer look at LEKA Systems.