As part of their installer journey benefits package, the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) offers comprehensive sales and marketing support to help members achieve better sales. Here, DGCOS Chief Executive, Faisal Hussain, discusses what that support looks like. 

According to reports, there are more than 12,000 companies in the UK installing doors, windows and conservatories (Insight Data, 2022) and it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of them know their products well. However, the key to showcasing this knowledge and expertise is selling, and this is where some installers may struggle. 

Business that is gained through word of mouth is the dream and those that keep full pipelines from this are fortunate. They have built a good reputation in their area, thanks to their expertise, and business is good. However, what happens if this pipeline starts to slow down, or you want to broaden your sales and grow? Perhaps you are a new business looking to make your mark? Also consider the challenging market: increasing product costs and the cost of living has impacted greatly on cash flow, for example, and it’s vital that business owners have the know-how to manage these challenges before they start to affect their sales, and their mental health.

All these challenges can be addressed with a sales and marketing strategy but it’s often an area where many installers can struggle so it is an area we work closely on with our members to support them.

Providing a road map

Every member of DGCOS has full access to a range of benefits, laid out in a comprehensive framework of six areas where we can offer support. We call them our Installer Journey Benefits because they are designed to provide a roadmap, guiding members through the labyrinth of challenges and opportunities they face. Our aim is to ensure that our members are free to do what they do best: install quality door and window products. Sales and marketing support is one area that is widely accessed by our installer members.

Sales objectives

No business is complete without a sales funnel and to get a sales funnel, you need to set yourself some clear sales objectives. What do you need to earn, what sales do you want to achieve by when? 

We work with our installers by asking these sorts of questions and then helping to define their objectives.

Marketing objectives

The next step is to support the sales funnel with marketing to help generate leads. How are you going to get the money in? Where will the leads come from? And in most cases, where do you start with marketing? With DGCOS, not only can we support making these decisions, but we can also offer marketing materials that members can leverage. From being listed on our website for lead generation, to content creation, to George Clarke as DGCOS Brand Ambassador, our marketing support is wide reaching and made to help members get their message out. 

Converting leads

Once the leads start coming in, the next and most crucial step is converting them to sales. When you meet with potential customers, your experience, expertise, and knowledge will likely shine through; however, sometimes closing a sale is more than reassuring your customer that you are reliable. Introductions to finance lenders/brokers, information on government grants and schemes, and payment protection options are just some of the benefits of being a DGCOS member. Also if you’re not confident in the process, there’s sales training available too. 

Keeping customers happy

Once you have an order book and understand service levels, effectively communicating and customer satisfaction are crucial not only for getting paid but also for building and maintaining the good reputation I mentioned earlier. Ultimately, this reputation is the best sales and marketing tool every business can have.

Providing a competitive edge

Having a good reputation as an installer advocate and consumer champion is something that DGCOS strives for every day. We do this by providing our members with the support and services they need to be successful and in turn, making sure consumers have quality installers to work in their homes. 

Being a member of DGCOS is a badge of honour that our members wear proudly and that consumers can rely on, giving DGCOS members a competitive edge in the market.

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