Glass Compass - SGGWith Saint-Gobain celebrating its 350th anniversary this year the company’s glass division, Saint-Gobain Glass UK Ltd continues the innovation that has made them a world leader in the manufacturing of flat glass by launching six new apps designed to improve the purchase and specification experience of its customers.

Saint-Gobain Glass has always been dedicated to providing the best in customer service & support and these new apps are testament to this. Available on both Android and iPhone, users can pick up Glass Compass, Glass Vision, Glass Design, Glass dBstation, Glass Façade and GlassPro in the app store now.

Glass Compass determines the best performing glass for your windows based on the geographical location of your home and its orientation. With a “Savings & Economies” module that helps you choose the best glazing to suit your requirements there is also an Energy Calculator that illustrates indicative savings you could achieve.

Glass Vision virtual app aids you in choosing the right interior glass for your home and office through augmented reality. Covering products from Saint-Gobain Glass’ premium range – SGG DECORGLASS (patterned glass), SGG MASTERGLASS (contemporary glass), SGG PLANILAQUE EVOLUTION (lacquered glass), SGG SATINOVO (acid-etched glass) – the application features a 360 degree holistic view of the glass with a full screen simulation mode. As well as offering you the aesthetics of the glass in terms of pattern and colour, it also offers a look at the privacy it provides by looking at the transparency and translucency of the glass.

Glass Design is a visual showcase of interior projects where Saint-Gobain Glass products have been used. . A portfolio of creative interior design, users can browse either by building types, applications or by products. “Bringing you a step closer to your dreams,” you can bookmark your favourite interior projects for future reference and if you’re feeling inspired you can contact SGGUK using the form in the app.

Glass dBstation is all about acoustics. Helping users to determine the best performing glazing for your windows according to noise pollution in your surrounding environment, this acoustic simulator recreates the sound insulation provided by various insulating glazing compositions. Best viewed using a smartphone or tablet with a minimum screen size of 800×480 pixels, SGGUK recommend you use the dBstation with headphones to give improved perception between glazing solutions.

Similar to Glass Design, Glass Façade is a visual showcase of aesthetic versatility. A portfolio of Saint-Gobain Glass’ worldwide commercial projects, browse by either building types, external appearance, products or by country. You can even try the in-built Project Locator Map to find the projects in your city.

Intended as a guide to demonstrate the type of glazing products throughout the different stages of a building construction, GlassPro is an interactive app which simulates a realistic image synthesis of different products on facades of buildings. Enabling the user to visualise the rendering of a glazing product under various lighting conditions and several interior design settings, this particular app is only available on iOS.

As Saint-Gobain celebrates its 350th anniversary, its innovative and market leading apps help you to look forward to the next 350 years. Download the apps today to see how they can benefit your business.