Renowned vertical sliding sash manufacturer, Roseview, continues to enjoy the wide range of dedicated ancillaries manufactured by Window Widgets specifically for their specialist VS sector.

The VS ancillary products from Window Widgets are suitable for frame depths from 125 – 148mm and have a load bearing capped at 2 tonnes. They include a 40mm inline coupler, a VS to 70mm frame coupler, perfect for joining a typical entrance door to the VS frame, a VS baypole and a 900 corner post. There’s also the benefit of single length ordering for Roseview and the option of seven shades of white and thirty-five different colours and woodgrains, depending upon individual item codes.

Mike Bygrave, sales and marketing director of Roseview commented: ‘Window Widgets are a long-standing business partner for us, and their product design philosophy fully supports the way in which we work with our vertical sliding sash window range. Sash windows are very much a premium proposition and ones that often require considerable load bearing attributes and so the proven structural capabilities of their couplers and corner posts are a must for us as a specialist and award-winning manufacturer.

He added: ‘This full range of ancillaries is a major plus for us along with their backup and expertise, and we also benefit from their other general components used throughout the manufacturing and installation processes.’

Adrian Clare, technical sales executive of Window Widgets concluded: ‘Roseview are one of a number of customers for our vertical sliding sash window ancillaries and value the engineered nature of our products, along with the support. Everything is fully tested, compliant with the latest standards and manufactured within the UK which are also other key selling points of our strong proposition for the VS sector.’

For further information on the Roseview vertical sliding sash range please visit For further information on Window Widgets please visit or request a copy of the product catalogue at or by calling 01452 345848. Look out for the social media handle of #widgetscomedy and please be a part of their 21-year business anniversary in aid of two industry charities.


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