4F0BB064-7E19-49CE-9467-15260662E9FERoof Assured by Sarnafil has launched a new suite of re-branded marketing literature and a DVD for installers and consumers. This follows the company’s re-brand earlier in the year and is an integral part of its long term growth plan to increase market share in the UK domestic roof market. Part of this ongoing strategy is to ‘up’ brand awareness with homeowners via advertising and the Roof Assured installer network.

The new materials include an 8 page full colour consumer brochure: “Premium Flat Roofing Solutions for Your Home” and, for the installer, the 4 page “Premium Flat Roofing Solutions for Your Customers”, a re-edited DVD, pop up banners, drop cards and a revised consumer website and installer micro site. All present key messages clearly, accompanied by full colour images.

Sika Sarnafil introduced Roof Assured 15 years ago as a way to offer home owners a roofing solution using the same pedigree of high performing products used on projects such as Arsenal FC’s Emirates Stadium and the exciting award winning St Pancras Station. Communicating this equity was an important focus of the new literature.

Rod Benson, National Sales Manager, Roof Assured explained: “The decision to re-brand was to give Roof Assured a new image aligned to communicating a market leading product to an increasingly sophisticated consumer audience. We had two challenges to overcome; confusion between our Sarnafil, Sika and Roof Assured brands and no clear differentiation between our B2C and B2B marketing. Now we have clearer, targeted messages presented in a more compelling and professional way. We are growing the Roof Assured brand in the marketplace and the new image is sharper, fresher and communicates clearly why we’re the best at what we do.

A backdrop to the new literature is that, to home owners, single ply is perceived as something new in the market so there was a need to convince them that the Sarnafil single ply membrane has a proven long life, with virtually zero maintenance and can add real value to their home. The message to installers is that we are the leader in singly ply products and can supply you with something our competitors cannot.”

Rod says, “A revised and updated DVD is an important part of a new focus on multi-channel marketing. It’s about saying what we want to say in the way the audience want to hear it. There is a human connection to presenting something in video – the human voice, the moving images – that gel with us all. The domestic roofing business is still quite traditional while the ‘single ply membrane’ approach is still perceived as something quite new. A DVD enables the viewer to understand the mechanics of the single ply membrane application. To quote many installers, particularly Home Improvements companies, “it’s our best selling tool”.”

There is also recognition that consumer purchasing habits have changed. Whereas a new roof was traditionally a distress purchase – my roof is leaking, I need it fixed – nowadays homeowners are far more likely to research what is available. Also the roof has become much more a part of the aesthetic appeal of a property particularly on contemporary builds and refurbishments and homeowners are now advising their builder what they want. The new marketing materials are intended to be part of that ‘research’ process.

The installer brochure and DVD will also help installers to present themselves professionally to homeowners, architects and designers. Pop up banners with the new branding are being distributed to approved installer showrooms and offices. Rod adds, “The models that many installers had in their showrooms were great for explaining how the system works, but did not instantly shout out – ‘we do flat roofs’

“The new image and marketing materials are ‘evolutionary’ rather than ‘revolutionary’. Domestic roofing is still quite a conservative and traditional industry but it is important that our brand is unified across all marketing materials so that consumers and installers can connect with us. We needed a new image and a simplified brand proposition so we listened, we acted and now we are taking that forward.”

If you are interested in becoming a Roof Assured by Sarnafil installer, please visit www.roofassured.co.uk for more information.