IMG_7838Ritec International, pioneers in ‘non-stick’ glass surface treatments, have joined forces with Cantifix and Oxford University to collaborate on a four year research study on the benefits of living within healthy glass structures. The Photon Project will fully explore the biological benefits, and ultimately help to transform the living and working conditions of people throughout the world.

The project, initiated by Cantifix, was recently launched at the 2013 London Design Festival, with a prototype all-glass Photon Pod located at The Building Centre in London. Ritec’s ClearShield Eco-System™ was applied to 85 square metres of the glass on-site. ClearShield® has been used to protect the Pod’s glass from dirt and contamination and ensure ultimate light transmission through its panels.

The Pod is an all glass structure and features innovative, ‘healthy’ glazing designed to allow the optimum amount of daylight into the interior with a site specific lighting installation by Philips that enhances and promotes the natural partnership between daylight and artificial light.

The wider Photon Research project involves a number of participants living within a ‘Photon Community’ of several Pods in several locations.

Stephen Byers, Managing Director of Ritec International states:

“We are delighted to have been chosen to collaborate on this important project.  The ClearShield System will make a huge difference to both the maintenance and light transmission levels of the dome. We look forward to the verified data which will go towards driving innovation within services, facilities, products and manufacturing solutions that ensure societal benefits are accessible to as wide a market as possible.

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