Since the launch of REHAU’s TOTAL70 co-extruded profile late last year, the product has received widespread popularity, with a widening group of customers fully embracing it today.

The innovative product uses recycled material from first generation PVC windows to create brand new high-quality, energy efficient window frames. The core of the TOTAL70 co-extruded window profile is made up entirely of post-consumer waste, with only the outer skin made of new polymer for a flawless finish.

REHAU TOTAL70 co extruded profileThe profile is believed to be the only one in the market to use up to 100% post-consumer waste within its core, making it a truly unique product. This means the entire polymer REHAU uses for the recycled element of the profile comes from old PVC windows and doors, creating a closed loop of material use.

The product has also been shortlisted as a finalist for critically acclaimed awards including the National Recycling Awards 2018.


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