PR1836 REHAU has updated its online thermal calculator with the new BFRC A+ ratingREHAU has updated its online thermal ratings calculator with the addition of the new BFRC A+ rating.

REHAU has received its A+ licence from the BFRC for the REHAU TOTAL70 system which means that customers can now use the calculator to see how they can potentially achieve an A+ rating on their own windows.

The launch of the A+ on REHAU TOTAL70 gives customers another chance to assess both the thermal performance and the flexibility of the new five and six chamber profiles in the system. Fabricators and installers can try out different combinations of frame, glass and spacer bar from drop down menus on the website and see how easy it could be for them to achieve an A+ before working out which is the most cost effective route for individual projects.

REHAU’s move coincides with the official release of the new A+ licences from the BFRC on 9 September. Customers who want to obtain their own licences to achieve an A+ can register via the BFRC website.

Dean Franklin, the Technical Applications Engineer at REHAU responsible for, said: “We are aware that lots of our customers will want to exploit the potential marketing benefits of an A+ rating so we put everything they need in place on the website ready for the official launch. We will also be offering ongoing advice and support for customers on all aspects of thermal ratings and performance.”