profine Group’s KÖMMERLING brand, together with their partner company Rolladen Müllers GmbH & Co. KG, have just completed a commercial project with ReFrame windows made of 100 percent recycled PVCu, as part of a pilot project underpinned by sustainability, innovation and quality.

ReFrame windows are made entirely of recycled PVCu and at the same time have a fine, luxurious, UV-resistant surface, as well as high-quality technical properties and a high thermal insulation value. They stand for a closed material cycle and thus for a complete conservation of natural resources, while they have the same functional properties as conventional PVC-U windows.

The project was for a children’s day-care facility in the WohnBau Mönchengladbach area in Germany. For the premiere project, fifty seven ReFrame windows and doors in the KÖMMERLING 76 double seal system were installed in stone grey to the outside and white on the inside and were manufactured by partner company Müllers from Mönchengladbach, which is currently also installing them at the day-care centre.

Managing Director Markus Müllers sees the project as ground-breaking for the German market: ‘We were immediately enthusiastic about the ReFrame technology and were very pleased to be able to convince the client and the planners of this solution. Because the future of building clearly lies in energy efficiency and the conservation of natural resources with high product quality at the same time. Here we pursue the same goals as our partner KOMMERLING, namely, to create a perfect cycle.’

ReFrame windows are also visually impressive because they are finished with KÖMMERLING’s surface technology proCoverTec, which gives them a luxurious and mat high-quality appearance. In addition, the proCoverTec technology improves the technical properties of the windows, such as UV resistance and IR reflection. Passive house compatible windows can also be made out of ReFrame profiles, which can further help reduce CO2 emissions. ReFrame windows also have a theoretical service life of around 50 years and can be recycled several times.

Dr. Peter Mrosik, Owner and CEO of profine Group, sums up the strategic aspect of the profiles made of 100% recycled material: ‘Sustainability is a cornerstone of our corporate policy, from the use of lead-free stabilisers to comprehensive recycling solutions. That is why we see our ReFrame profiles as a logical component with regard to the goal of a complete circular economy and sustainable solutions for generations.’


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