Meet Dave (a Business Pilot story) is a new short movie of a classic tall tale in the glazing industry. In the film, we’re introduced to Dave, the owner of a retail installation business. Instead of heading home after a post-work pint with his mates, Dave is going back to the office, to try and get ahead. 

When he does finally get back to his family, Dave’s mind is racing with thoughts about work…did the delivery come…why is the profit down…remember to call Mr Jones back…

“We all know a Dave,” says Elton Boocock, Managing Director of Business Pilot. “And though this fun new video is very tongue-in-cheek, it does reflect the reality of working life for many installation company owners. For some, there just aren’t enough hours in the day.”

Business Pilot is designed for installers, by installers. The system delivers a full CRM and business management solution for retail installation businesses, to save time, increase efficiency, improve customer service and help business owners keep their finger on the pulse of their entire operation.

Elton adds: “From an enquiry form being completed on your website, to aftercare and service calls, Business Pilot has the features to streamline and organise every task and process in an installation business.”

Business Pilot is also integrated with the best industry tools on the market, to make quotes, finance and certification easy to access via Business Pilot and bring all your business information into one place.

Elton adds: “Our easy reporting gives you all your business data, including finances, so it will keep your accountant happy too!

“We would love to hear what people think about Meet Dave! We’ve had great feedback already from our BPcommunity, who empathise with the story – but now they use Business Pilot, they go home on time, just like Dave!”

You can watch ‘Meet Dave – a Business Pilot Story’ on the Business Pilot YouTube channel or Facebook page.

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