Quickslide has recently invested in the glass unit manufacture element of the business to ensure its customers continue to get the very latest products that offer exceptional thermal performance.

Quickslide now uses soft coat glass in all of its product including sliding sash windows, allowing them to offer an ‘A’ rating as standard, and an ‘A+’ as an upgrade. Customers will benefit from the switch as the company now has full control over the quality of the finished product, as well as reducing the cost of manufacture.

The Brighouse-based vertical slider specialist has built up a loyal following of satisfied customers over 10 years while manufacturing units using Pilkington K hard coat glass. Soft coat alternatives have been available for a while now, but these were historically outsourced to a local supplier.

Michael Connor, Quickslide’s Managing Director, explained that supplying customers with the best available product has always been the company’s main priority. “Even though our standard VS window was ‘B’ rated previously, the industry mind-set had shifted towards soft coat being the standard, and we didn’t feel it was right for Quickslide to deviate away from that,” he said.

However, coming from 10 years of hard-coat glass processing, Quickslide didn’t want to switch to soft-coat processing before being fully prepared.

“We trialed the soft coat glass process for three months before we introduced it in to our mainstream manufacturing. This period ensured that we had learned as much about soft coat glass as possible – including its limitations, shelf life and how to move it through a glass production line, all of which are very different from hard coat glass,” Michael said.

Quickslide now uses Pilkington KS, which is the most recent soft coat glass on the market, using the latest coating technology. “Quickslide’s relationship with Pilkington spans well over a decade and in that time they have been one of our very top performing suppliers so it made perfect sense to use their product,” Michael explained.

“Defaulting to Pilkington KS has resulted in savings, simplified glass purchases, and brought full control of glass manufacture in house. As a result, our customers will reap the benefits including getting an A rated window as standard.”