Q-railing’s latest innovation in glass balustrades, the Q-disc® System for easy glass fixing and alignment, has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. ‘The Q-disc fixing system represents a new approach to installing glass railings, with its sophisticated functionality and the resulting easy handling’. That was the jury’s opinion of this unique invention, which significantly speeds up glass balustrade installation. The system is included in Q-railing’s Easy Glass® Smart and Easy Glass® Prime glass balustrades.

Q railings adjustable Q disc System for glass alignmentFixed and adjustable Q-disc® Systems

The Q-disc® System is available in two versions: fixed and adjustable. The fixed variant enables easy glass fixing and is included in Q-railing’s Easy Glass® Smart glass balustrade system. The adjustable variant is included in the Easy Glass® Prime glass balustrade. It similarly makes glass panel fixing easy, but also lets you carry out glass alignment – an effortless sliding movement is all that is required. To help you use them correctly, both the fixed and adjustable versions incorporate helpful indication points and are designed to produce a reassuring ‘click’ sound when installation has occurred properly.

Glass fixing

Glass fixing first requires inlays to be positioned in the railing’s base channel. Then, the glass is mounted, and discs are inserted between the glass and the inlays so that the panel is held tightly in place. To further tighten the grip on the glass, the Q-disc tool is used to turn each disc clockwise. There is no need to apply force at any stage, and a reassuring click will confirm correct installation.

Glass alignment

The difference between the fixed and adjustable Q-disc® Systems comes down to the inlay. The adjustable Q-disc® System has an inlay that, with the help of the Q-disc tool, can slide left and right while the glass is in it. This makes an individual glass panel move either towards or away from the installer. The combination of the adjustable Q-disc® System and the Easy Glass® Prime glass balustrade can accommodate glass panels of between 16.76 and 25.52 mm thickness and allows alignment to be adjusted by up to 1.2 degrees from the vertical.

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