David Jolliffe, CEO of Pyroguard

David Jolliffe, CEO of Pyroguard

Pyroguard, a leading independent manufacturer of fire glass, has revealed strategic changes which will better align its sales structure with the construction supply chain and enable the company to achieve major expansion and growth plans in 2015.

The first of these updates is the company’s trading name changing from CGI International to Pyroguard UK. Already a well-known fire glass solutions provider, this will improve brand recognition and make the customer’s choice of fire glass supplier clearer than ever.

The company name change will be accompanied by a brand identity update, composed of a new vision and strapline: ‘First in Fire Glass’.

David Joliffe, Pyroguard CEO, explains: “Our core purpose is to make buildings safe, but also to enable the contractor deliver the architect’s vision, after all glass is a preferred material to work with from an aesthetic perspective. To better reflect this fresh impetus, we will become ‘First in Fire Glass’ – a vision which encapsulates our core values and what will differentiate us from the competition.”

The acronym ‘First’ from the strapline represents the following values:

Flexible – Our customers’ needs come first, which means we need to be flexible in every area of our operations, not just in terms of product availability, but also in our approach to service.

Independent – Our independence sets us apart in the market. It gives us the ability to provide a personal service and be much closer to our customers, for example, offering a custom range of counterpanes.

Responsive – From specifiers and building owners to processors and installers, we are responsive to their needs and are responsive in terms of time. We aim to respond to enquiries within a day and to fit to customer lead times wherever possible.

Specific – Fire glass is our complete focus. Specialising exclusively in this niche we are better equipped than anyone to provide expert advice and dedicate our entire R&D efforts to advancing fire glass solutions.

Technical – Pyroguard is built on solid technical foundations. From front-facing technical sales teams to our PhD R&D engineers, our team is industry-leading. Our products are certified to the most stringent technical standards and supported by extensive technical materials.

David concludes: “This year, we aim to be ‘First in Fire Glass’ – better, quicker and more responsive. As a service orientated company, we will raise the bar for industry standards and aim to deliver improved sales and service which better map the needs of our valued customers.”