Profine's Sustainability StandardRheinland Cert GmbH has officially certified the profine Group’s energy management system based on the international ISO 50001:2011 standard. Following intensive preliminary work over the last few years, the profile manufacturer managed to establish this system consistently at all three of its sites in Germany under the KBE, Kömmerling and Trocal brands.

‘The cost effective use of energy is one of the key topics of our times. Our greenline sustainability strategy has already made a clear mark on the market, with energy efficient window systems, lead free stabilisers in virgin material, and intelligent recycling. And we are now establishing yet another pillar in the form of our energy management system,’ explained Gerhard Schwager, COO of the profine Group.

After material and personnel, energy is the most important production factor, and we intend to make careful use of our valuable resources,’ continued Schwager. Against this background, profine has reorganised its energy management, set itself binding energy targets and has consistently expanded its present energy management system.

These energy targets include a specific saving in extrusion energy of at least 3.5% in the first year. At present, the company is heading in the right direction supported by the latest pumping technology, with other technical improvements planned for the future. These also address personnel awareness, above all in the electricity intensive fields.

‘Our energy management system is intended to implement a continuous improvement process that significantly raises the energy efficiency of the resources we use,’ said Schwager. He explained that the entire value adding stream was affected, including ‘the purchase of installations and raw materials, production, and shipping to our customers.’

In addition, the Pirmasens public utilities could be integrated as a powerful partner on the supplier side. This will not only safeguard the supply of electricity to all production sites in Germany, but will also collaborate with profine in diverse projects for optimising the energy saving potential at each location. ‘This integrative approach will be our key to huge potential for enhancing energy efficiency in future,’ claimed Schwager.