Kömmerling’s PremiLine Pro has taken the patio door market by storm. It carries PAS 24, Secured by Design and meets the requirements of Lifetime Homes without the need for unsightly plunge bolts. It’s also now backed by a 10 year security guarantee scheme from Fullex.

Historically PVCu patio doors have been weak at the interlock and have been a real security issue and so the introduction of the PAS24 PremiLine PRO not only offers high security, but also simplicity of operation. With security the number one key driver in the market for doors, this development satisfies the requirements of new build regulations under approved Document Q, but is also the perfect high security patio door solution for existing homeowners.

The PremiLine PRO patio door performed exceptionally in PAS24 testing and due to the confidence gained from this, a 10 year security guarantee scheme has now been made available for all PremiLine PRO doors manufactured to the product standard tested. The scheme is in two parts, £500 towards the cost of a new door and £500 to cover goods not covered by an existing insurance policy. All that is required is the return of the correctly completed registration form within 28 days of installation. The guarantee is also transferable if the house is sold, allowing the new owners to gain from the 10 year scheme.

Kevin Warner, head of sales and marketing of Kömmerling commented: ‘PremiLine Pro is without question the best high security patio door on the market today and has helped eliminate the use of unsightly and unreachable plunge bolts. With a £1,000 security guarantee from Fullex, we believe this is now the most compelling reason to both manufacture and install a Kömmerling patio door.’

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