Kombimatec has launched a new DGS560 large capacity Electronic Double Mitre Saw, perfect to help fabricators meet demand for increasingly popular larger custom windows and doors.

The powerful and versatile DGS560 can be used to cut a variety of Aluminium or PVC-U profiles and has an impressive mitre blade travel of over 400mm.  This makes it ideal for cutting wide multi-track aluminium systems at 45 degrees on the long edge.  It can be configured in a 4, 5 or 6m version with the option of an extended cut facility to cut longer than the machines’ bed length.

Along with this large cutting capacity, it has the option of a compact HMI (Human Machine Interface) or colour touch screen for controlling the machine.  The first has a robust screen and keypad whilst the second uses visual representations of the components and icons on the screen.  This user-friendly interface makes it easy to understand and enables safe operation even by operators with limited prior CNC experience.  The touch screen is also mounted on an overhead boom keeping it clear of the profile being processed and reducing the risk of any accidental damage.

Both control systems have a USB port for uploading and downloading sequential cutting lists created by the operator or window making software, and which can also be used for program updates when required. A number of features built into the machine ensure high precision cutting that is clean and accurate every time.

Kombimatec’s Managing Director David Parsons said: “Our new DGS560 Double Mitre Saw is designed to help fabricators cut large multi-track systems accurately and efficiently – saving them time and money.  It is particularly easy to use with a number of features to make it simple and safe to operate.  These include auto-hinging safety guards, two button safety start and two stage clamping.”

“We’ve been in the business of designing and manufacturing machinery for Aluminium and PVC-U window manufacturers for over 40 years.  We’re proud to continue leading the way in providing what fabricators need to meet the demands of the market.”


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