Mat Gibson-Chase TaylorEnsuring you have the right number and calibre of people within your business in 2015 could make the difference between an average year and a great year, according to Chase Taylor, the glazing and fenestration industry’s true HR and recruitment specialists.

With the prospects for 2015 looking particularly good in the respective glazing, construction and home improvement sectors, companies are now gearing up for a year of growth which will inevitably result in an increased need for additional staff. Yet to realise the opportunities for growth, companies should now be looking at their staffing requirements throughout all business processes and importantly adding those who have the attributes and skill set to deliver.

Getting good staff is now harder than ever and Chase Taylor have put into place an infrastructure and process with a team of seven professionals to help find the very best people for roles in the industry. They have built a database of over 2,000 people and have supported this with an investment in several licenses from the UK’s leading recruitment websites, giving them access to over 8 million CV’s. The team are also highly active through social media platforms, industry networking events and have recently exhibited at the FIT Show.

It’s not necessarily about just finding another member of staff, but being able to identify the one most suited to the needs of the client, as the cost of employing the wrong person can be significant in terms of opportunities lost and mistakes made.  The role of Chase Taylor is to expertly search all corners of the industry and indeed the recruitment sector as a whole to find the very best candidates.

Choosing an industry specialist in recruitment has been valuable to a wide number of clients over recent years and Chase Taylor has bought a refreshing, modest and professional attitude to recruitment. The company is also the only recruitment company within the glazing industry to be a member of a professional body, in this case the REC. This is the professional body dedicated to representing the interests of the UK’s £19.7 billion recruitment industry.

Mat Gibson, managing director of Chase Taylor comments: ‘2015 will be a big year for the industry and one which will see the market in general prosper. Harnessing people power in your business will help you achieve your goals and to exploit the market opportunities that will inevitably come our way and we have an expert team at hand to support this.’

To find out more what Chase Taylor can do for either companies seeking a new position to fill or for individuals looking to enhance their career then call 01543 897800 or e-mail in the strictest of confidence. Alternatively look at for the latest jobs or follow them on Twitter @Mat_Chasetaylor.