The aim of every patio door installer is to fulfil orders easily, quickly and to the highest standards. Carmen Velilla, Brand Manager of PatioMaster, says there are five ways that PatioMaster helps its customers to do this.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of partnering with PatioMaster is you’re partnering with a company that manufactures bespoke patio doors that are easy to install. Carmen says: “PatioMaster doors are made to your exact specifications and are typically delivered within a week, meaning orders can be fulfilled quickly and with no fuss. The installation process is aided by PatioMaster’s ultra slim profiles, which significantly reduce the amount of plaster cutback required during installation.”

PatioMaster is also renowned for manufacturing patio doors that meet your customers’ expectations. Every door offers uninterrupted views and stylish frames that come in a choice of 18 colours and finishes as well as in a variety of pane configurations. Combined with world-class technical features including Secured by Design options, it’s no surprise that homeowners with PatioMaster patio doors recommend them to their friends.

To help you ensure quick, easy installation every time, PatioMaster provides great, free technical support. Carmen comments: “Our doors are designed to be simple to install, but whenever you have a query, we’ll be on hand. We support our installers with a great range of free information and work closely with patio door installers on national and regional levels to ensure personalised excellence across all levels of the sector.”

PatioMaster supports patio door installers by providing them with free marketing support materials too. They also proactively market the brand across multiple channels and because PatioMaster is a name you can trust, installers benefit from a solid reputation that has been built on quality.

Carmen concludes: “By partnering with PatioMaster you’re partnering with a brand that is trusted to deliver quality products with robust profit margins. PatioMaster is the cost-effective trade supplier that does all the hard work for you – leaving you to get on with what you do best, installing patio doors.”

All this goes to show, it’s clear that PatioMaster is a high quality and reliable supplier. It’s no wonder it’s the nation’s favourite.