Synseal-PR-digital-support-image2More than 100 Synseal customers now have professional bespoke websites built through the company’s Advantage site-building initiative and more and more installers are now coming aboard thanks to the new Synseal Registered Installer business support scheme.

The initiative, which is part of Synseal’s acclaimed Advantage Digital Marketing package, was at first taken up by fabricator partners but is now also gaining momentum with the installers themselves, as Digital Marketing Manager Andy Potts explained.

“The launch of SRI has given installers more direct access to this specialist resource and many more of them are beginning to make use of it, especially as their bespoke website can be tailored to target homeowners and also trade business if required. Once they are on board, we can arrange everything for them, from design and graphics to maintenance and hosting.”

Continuing he added, “Many installers, and of course fabricators, would not have the ability to do this to the same professional standard themselves. At the same time, they are realising a quality website is a vital tool in securing work in these days when consumers initially search for products and services online and word-of-mouth recommendations count for less.”

Installers using the initiative can also incorporate Synseal’s unique WOW App to upload design images of conservatories, orangeries, windows and doors and add them, along with their own branding, directly onto a photo of a prospect’s own home. There is also a lead-generating app based on offering the homeowner an instant online quotation tool.

The websites, offered at three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum depending on the functions required, are just part of Synseal’s comprehensive Advantage Digital Marketing package, with a host of marketing services such as email and SMS texting campaigns, social media advice, Search Engine Optimisation and WER calculation.

Andy Potts concluded by saying, “Installers and fabricators should not be expected to be digital marketers – that isn’t the primary reason why they are in business – but with this turnkey support from Synseal we are able to offer a whole range of resources to make it as easy as possible for them to gain commercial advantage.”