Elevate, the new lantern roof from industry-leading systems company Liniar is already raising the bar – and looks good doing it.

As soon as one of Liniar’s long-time lovers of the system company’s suite of windows, bi-fold doors and roofs saw the Elevate ad on Facebook; he knew it was time to upgrade his two existing Liniar PVCu roofs. When we asked him what prompted him to update his double lantern roofs, he explained:

“It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with my current lantern roofs. They still looked as beautiful as the day they were installed several years ago, but when I saw the Elevate lantern roof it was just so much more modern and I knew it would add an element of sophistication to the rooms they sit over. I loved the expanses of glass and slimmer sightlines offered on the updated Liniar lantern roof.

“Since the installation, my family has noticed a difference in how much more light is let in by Elevate. When I was ordering my lantern roofs, I could have gone with the transom free option, but I like the traditional look – and the added transoms don’t impact the amount of light coming in because they’re so slimline.”

When the day of installation came, the team arrived at the homeowner’s residence, where weather included 60mph winds and driving rain – it wasn’t the best weather to be working outside in, but because Elevate can be installed in minutes, the team didn’t need to wait until they had the perfect weather.

“The longest part of the installation was getting the old lanterns down,” commented the homeowner. “We have rubber matting on our flat roof, which the silicon from the previous lantern bases had fused to. After the team had removed our previous lanterns, the new ones were up in a flash. There was barely any time for the rain to come through the roof!”

In a real-time situation, the Elevate roof goes up in under 30 minutes and comes with everything installers need to get the job done. There’s no cutting required, as each kit is made to order and measured to fit your job. For this homeowner, Liniar supplied an Elevate roof in cream to match his existing Liniar PVCu windows. The Elevate lantern roof can be foiled in many different colour combinations to suit your property.

For more information on the Elevate Lantern roof, visit the Liniar website: http://www.liniar.co.uk/conservatories/elevate/

To see Elevate installed in under 30 minutes, watch the video: http://bit.ly/SpeedyElevateRoof


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