Paul Nellis, Managing Director at Orangery Solutions discusses the logic of product guarantees.

“Companies are required by law to determine the level of product quality or in many cases to highlight weaknesses where appropriate. The use of fine print has become a common format to specify liability regarding product use particularly in the construction industry.

A warning message is often neutralized by more eye-catching positive images and pleasant catchphrases which detract from the seriousness of any warnings or exemption clauses that may be included.

Generally these statements are intended to limit a company’s liability in the event of loss or damage leaving the installer or builder potentially vulnerable.

While the terms maybe interchangeable, the responsibility, should an installation shift or crack after completion, lies firmly in the hands of the installer.

At Orangery Solutions the team takes a more responsible approach to orangery installation, with professional structural calculations and quality guarantees provided for the entire structure and not just the flat roof.
Installers gain total reassurance for any sized project undertaken, with the patented cassette system eliminating concerns over common, longer term problems that can occur including wall cracks and subsidence.

As the company takes complete responsibility for the side wall stability and roofing, installers can feel totally reassured with certification and product guarantees provided and absolutely no disclaimers used.

The Orangery Solutions original, patented cassette system is manufactured with galvanised steel legs integrated at the core, providing a fortified final structure from below floor level upwards. Additionally working alongside architects and builders, the company provides a bespoke structural engineering service which results in professional calculations for each orangery project to ensure the completed installation is safe.

There is a duty of care to act responsibly when evaluating any orangery project. It is vital to know that the end user will not suffer damage or loss as a result of installing one of our systems. We feel that certification and guarantees should be a pre-requisite otherwise we will be failing our customers and the end user.

We simply do not put our customers in a position of liability, providing them with rock solid guarantees and complete confidence in our products. ”

The Orangery Solutions system is manufactured in-house to exacting industry standards and offers total reassurance, with no other product on the market offering the same resistance when a lateral force is applied.

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