Emplas has announced that more than half of all of the orders it receives are now placed online through its Customer Portal.

The figure, based on orders for the first half of this year, also reveal that the majority of those placing orders online do so at the end of the working day or into the evening.

Ryan Johnson, Managing Director, Emplas said: “There is always still someone at the end of a phone line for anyone who wants to chat their order through before placement, or to place an order by phone but we have seen really phenomenal growth in online ordering in the past six months.

“It delivers new flexibility outside of ‘normal’ office hours, giving our customers time to focus on sales, without having to get back to the office to make sure they get their order in before the close of the day – they can order 24/7.”

Emplas launched its online ordering system and Window Designer in 2013 and its new Door Designer earlier this year.

Accessed via the manufacturer’s Online Portal, once set-up, installers simply have to log-on from any web enabled device, for example PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, to access a secure quoting and order processing system.

This gives them instant access to an online ordering portal which allows them to input a specification, choose glass, hardware and furniture and then automatically applies their discounts, to provide an instant quote. Where an order is placed installers get an immediate Order Acknowledgement.

Ryan continued: “Rapid turnaround is part and parcel of our business now, installers need that flexibility because as we all know, competition out there is fierce.

“This system gives installers an element of control back supporting quick turnarounds but also giving them the visibility that they need to operate effectively and efficiently.”

It also gives installers ordering online full visibility of the product progress through the factory. This extends to Emplas own customer service team, which can access the same work-flow tool to offer real time updates against customer deliveries regardless of whether they are ordering on or offline.

Ryan continued: “The whole work-flow is fully integrated which means that the manufacturing process has becomes seamless.

“We can report back to our customers with absolute accuracy throughout the ordering process and depending on where that order is, amend or adapt it through a single system.”

Door designer features additional functionality which also allows it to be used as an own-branded retail sales tool, qualifying members of the Emplas Installer Partnership, also get the option to embed their offer in the community that they serve by renaming products after the local areas in which they work.

Ryan concluded: “The way that we and our customers interface has and is changing and its driving new flexibility in the service we offer to them.

“But through the insight we have gained through our own retail business, T&K, we are also looking at how we can enhance the way that we and our customers engage with the end-user. We have a project on the horizon that we genuinely believe will revolutionise the way that the industry sells and we’ll be sharing that with our customers very shortly.”

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