With hand finished window and door frames, six-chambered Energy Plus Liniar profiles as standard and an extended range of foiled finishes, TruFrame believe they have the most compelling product proposition in the industry, backed by a unique 10-year warranty.

TruFrame have enjoyed double-digit growth for the last two years, thanks to new business wins, but also importantly, organic growth from their network of partners. Product confidence is certainly unsurpassed thanks to enhanced specifications and a 10-year warranty that is offered directly by TruFrame, but also enhanced with the Yale Lifetime Guarantee.

With six-chambered Energy Plus chamfered and sculptured profiles offered as standard and an extended foiled finish range of 15 from stock, it’s an impressive basis for product choice. All frames are hand finished using their unique 4-step process which is offered as standard, making for what they believe is the best finished, most thermally efficient 70mm uPVC frame in the industry and the broadest and most exciting product range from any Liniar fabricator in the UK.

Windows have always been at the heart of the product portfolio at TruFrame and the popular Flush Sash range is available in a welded, hand finished version, or in a premium fully mechanically jointed, hand assembled Refine™ variant. This allows TruFrame to remain true to their core principle of providing the utmost in quality, across all window and door products and this extends to the hardware supplied by market leaders Mila and Yale.

David Firmager, managing director commented: ‘Our product proposition is second to none as our customers keep telling us and we’ve invested considerably in additional stock and our own standalone warranty. Product is ultimately at the heart of what we do, but customer support, including our revolutionary online ordering portal, also underpins the results of our world-class manufacturing processes.’

For further information on becoming a TruFrame partner visit www.truframe.co.uk, e-mail sales@truframe.co.uk or call the office directly on 01664 410 140. You can also add to their growing following on Twitter @TruFrame.