ODL Europe has launched its new TriSYS® Modern cassette, a contemporary design variation of its market-leading TriSYS® three piece frame system.

Bryan Bultema, Managing Director at ODL Europe, said: “The new TriSYS® Modern cassette is a sleek framing system that combines the unique fitting properties of the original TriSYS® three piece frame system with streamlined contemporary styling that’s perfect for modern doors.”

The new TriSYS® Modern cassette has a sleek, low-profile aesthetic with a subtle texture that blends seamlessly with any door finish.  It’s offered in a range of sizes and colours including White, Black and Grey.

The system utilises the proven TriSYS® three part framing system that saves time and improves manufacturing efficiencies. The outer frame and inner cassette screw together, allowing the same system to be used for a wide range of door thicknesses, while the inner frame snaps on for a uniformly clean look. No preparation, no adhesion promoter and no special primers are needed, plus the innovative clip system eliminates screw hole covers, providing a clean, modern finish. A pre-sealed variation is also available.

Bryan said: “The TriSYS® cassette system has been a cornerstone of our business for many years, and we have built on this proven foundation with the new TriSYS® Modern frame system. It offers the sleek modern aesthetics that are so popular without compromising on the performance, serviceability and assembly convenience.”

The TriSYS® Modern’s intelligent design makes it easy to glaze in both the vertical and horizontal positions, while also making it easy to deglaze from the inside if required.

Security is assured because the cassette is PAS 24-compliant when fitted as part of a complete door assembly.

The new TriSYS® Modern cassette is part of ODL Europe’s impressive range of glazing cassette solutions. The range also includes the original TriSYS® cassette, Spotlights® contemporary glazing frames and the Craftsman Framing System, which is designed with architectural style in mind.

Bryan concluded: “Our range of glazing cassettes offers a solution for every type of door project. It also brings the reassurance of ODL Europe’s 75-year pedigree and commitment to quality.”

ODL Europe is renowned for adding value to building products. With its new TriSYS® Modern Frame System, it’s elevating the design of contemporary doors, helping its customers give their projects a stylish edge.


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