Now installers can deliver an authentic looking slate finish on Celsius Solid Roof installations with a new slate-effect tile, made from 100% recycled, lightweight plastic.

This new tile option is the latest addition to Synseal’s popular Celsius Solid Roof, which is the only major system to use a warm timber construction. Using structural insulated panels (SIPs), this technique avoids the cold bridging associated with aluminium frames and subsequently delivers excellent thermal performance and reduces the risk of condensation.

The launch of the new slate-effect tile follows the introduction of the WarmCore Fixed Roof Light last year (both pictured), a discreet, ceramic bordered, glass fixed light using WarmCore thermal technology – exclusive to Celsius Solid Roof customers.

The expansion of the Celsius Solid Roof offer gives fabricators and their installers more flexibility to integrate conservatories and extensions into existing structures, complementing both traditional and more contemporary properties.

Nev Gleed, Conservatory Roof Technical Manager, explains:

“Celsius Solid Roof has proven popular with our customers as a warm construction roof for both conservatory renovations and easy-to-build extensions.

“One of the key factors for homeowners is finding a product which matches the existing structures at their property. With the addition of the new slate-effect tile, our customers can now offer a choice of four lightweight roof tiles to complement a variety of different properties, helping homeowners to find a perfect fit.

“Recycled plastic tiles are hugely beneficial for all along the supply chain – they are easy to fit, easy to clean, self-draining, self-ventilating, and are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. This makes them the ideal, environmentally-friendly product for all weather conditions and a very low-maintenance choice for consumers.”

The new slate-effect tile is now available as an option on Celsius Solid Roofs, including both single and double tiles.

If you are interested in adding Synseal’s Celsius Solid Roof range to your conservatory offer, call 01623 444390 or email to find out more.