With coloured foils now as popular as ever, Selecta have invested in another brand new lamination machine to service the demand.

Selecta Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Richmond, commented “We have seen a huge growth in the requirement for coloured foils. Gone are the days where only rosewood and golden oak were the requirements, with anthracite grey and chartwell green along with irish oak a more popular selection with customers.”

photo 2 (1)Mark continued “Consumers want to personalise their properties and modernise their homes and Selecta recognises the need for additional coloured foils to enable our customers to supply the demand. This investment demonstrates our commitment to providing more choice and improved efficiency in supply”.

Selecta currently supply a range of 22 coloured foils to its customer base ranging from oaks, greens, greys and creams to black / brown, blues and red. Contact Mark Richmond directly on 07970 499 102 or email info@selectasystems.com to see how Selecta can help your business become more colourful.