Any organisation running road vehicles can benefit from the new e-book from The Green Journey. The free guidance series has been completely redesigned to make it even easier for fleet managers and others to go straight to the heart of the latest news on sustainability.

 Steve Clarke, Fuel Card Services group marketing manager, said: “Every size and type of fleet needs to be aware of the latest environmental news and how it affects them. Now, any fleet manager, MD, FD or business owner can see the most relevant recent news in seconds, together with advice on appropriate actions.”

Each issue of The Green Journey highlights five current news topics of particular relevance to UK fleets, drawing input from countless sources worldwide. The salient points of the news are summarised, with links to the most important of the several original sources used for each item. Each of the five topics concludes with an ‘Impact Point’ that suggests appropriate action by the reader.

The five key topics within the new issue are air pollution and diesel vehicles; electric vehicles; other alternatives to fossil fuels; sustainable procurement and Amazon deforestation. These are presented in the form of an eight-frame e-book, for easy online reading or download as a .pdf file.

“No fleet manager has time to sift through the constant information flow on sustainability issues. We are already doing that and can present them with only the most immediately important news. Having been helping fleets of all types and sizes for many years, we understand exactly what they need and can take them straight to the essential points.”

The Green Journey is the Fuel Card Services approach to helping fleet managers to meet sustainability commitments. The advice is based on years of working with fleets, combined with its own experience in meeting international environmental and quality standards. It remains the automotive industry’s only organisation to become an official partner of Cool Earth, the leading environmental charity.

The Green Journey’s new e-book is available to read, free, at