Barrier-free accessibility without compromise

Create access to the outside without even the smallest of obstacles: with the new ECO PASS level 0-mm threshold for PORTAL HS, SIEGENIA is consistently expanding the options for the barrier-free design of lift-and-slide elements. Initially suitable for timber and timber-aluminium elements, the level 0-mm threshold offers end users convenience and quality of life across generations thanks to its running rail, which is completely recessed in the profile – and completely without inclines. This makes it an ideal solution for high-end, contemporary commercial projects as well as, for example, senior residences, where the specifications demand the maximum of DIN 18040-2 and therefore, could require the mandatory use of a barrier-free threshold. High quality in regards to the sill installation is ensured by certification of the threshold according to the stringent MO-01/1 compression regulations from the ift Rosenheim. This means that SIEGENIA combines maximum room comfort requirements with innovative solutions for professional integration in the building envelope.

The ECO PASS level 0-mm threshold combines the topic of barrier-free accessibility with other aspects of room comfort. Hence, it underlines the elegance and value of the PORTAL HS range with its attractive appearance and flat design. The topic of energy efficiency is also emphasised because ECO PASS possesses outstanding insulating features and first-class thermal insulation. The well-conceived 10-chamber profile prevents the formation of condensate and provides a pleasant indoor environment. Moreover, the new threshold ensures room comfort due to its excellent watertightness: thanks to the two-level drainage, the same standard of watertightness is achieved as with the conventional thresholds with sloped water drainage channels.

Time and cost benefits in fabrication and assembly

Fabricators will be won over by the ECO PASS level 0-mm threshold and moreover, by its well-conceived and efficient fabrication and assembly. From the sealing components and the easy-to-clean threshold to the weather bars, all extension parts are identical to those of the standard threshold. This means that fabricators benefit from the retention of established processes and from lean warehousing. In addition, the matching base profiles can be quickly assembled over the complete threshold depth and provide stability and consistent ease of use in the floor recess.

The production of lift and slide elements is more efficient than ever due to the delivery of the threshold as a COMFORT UNIT. This intelligent overall concept for cost-effective work enables fabricators to purchase the ECO PASS as complete project-specific packages. These include, first of all, the thresholds, which SIEGENIA delivers cut to millimetre precision, individually predrilled, sealed and preassembled. The complete solution also includes all hardware and profile components listed in the order in the matching assembly and length.

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