Leading software solution provider PST has upgraded its unique streamlined contract management system to incorporate an e-ordering feature, significantly enhancing user experience for its customers. 

Launched earlier this year, CAST is a cloud-based centralised management solution that provides multi-user access and editing of centrally stored contracts. 

Originally designed to work with Virtual Shopfloor, PST’s manufacturing-based software, CAST features an optimisation manager which allows for the batching and sending of contracts to saw controllers in a specific order as a way to maximise efficiency. 

The software also facilitates smooth contract delegation across different departments, ensuring all contract details remain accurate and up to date throughout a particular project.

An updated version has since been developed to work with vsHome, PST’s unique point of sale tool created for installers that allows for the design, visualisation, and pricing of a wide range of products such as windows, doors, conservatories, and garden rooms.

CAST for vsHome creates a manageable work flow for companies – for example, as a new lead comes in, administrators can delegate the new contract to a sales rep, who can then pass the same contract on to the surveyor as the job progresses – the perfect solution for companies with different departments who want to ensure all contract details remain accurate and up to date as the job is easily passed on. 

With the addition of the new e-ordering system, users will now be able to place an order directly with the manufacturer, ultimately completing this contract workflow.

PST Managing Director Neil Travers comments: “Incorporating the e-ordering feature into our CAST contract management system is a significant leap forward in enhancing our customers’ overall experience, and is an upgrade that aligns perfectly with our commitment to streamlining our processes and providing innovative solutions for our clients. At PST, we believe in empowering businesses with tools that make their operations more efficient, and we’re confident that the new e-ordering system will do just that.”

For more information, visit www.pstonline.co.uk

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