The brand new Showroom app coming soon from software specialists Infinity does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing installers to create their very own mobile showroom for use either online or offline.

It works as a fully portable version of an installer’s own website on tablets and mobile devices which can be used anywhere at any time. Sales teams can use it face to face in the sales process even when they have no access to the internet, and homeowners can download and access it for themselves.

Crucially, the Showroom app also incorporates a quick and easy lead capture system allowing enquiries generated from within it to be sent to the installer direct.

The team at Infinity has developed Showroom to be a simple and cost effective marketing tool which installers can purchase as a template from the Infinity website and then brand for themselves and populate with content from their own websites.

They can upload product information such as brochures, photos and videos to demonstrate to potential customers and include company and contact information imported direct from an existing website.

The key benefit of Showroom is that the content is completely customisable by the installer with the option of either replicating an existing website or using Showroom as an additional sales channel. They aren’t restricted to window and door products either, but can add any other home improvement products and services which they offer to the app, as well as news, events and special offers.

It will even be possible for trade fabricators to use the Showroom app to create a mobile showroom for their installers – bringing together all of their product information and marketing literature into one continually updated online library for their installers to access at any time.

A spokesperson for Infinity said: “Showroom brings a new dimension to the retail marketplace, allowing even the smallest installation business to create a professional looking, user-friendly app which will capture and channel sales enquiries. It is easy to set up, very simple to use and amazingly good value.”

Infinity is the newest software brand in the fenestration marketplace and is developing products specifically for the retail market, which will give ambitious installers the IT tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. Showroom is the second product to be announced from Infinity after Capture, a clever new website plug-in which lets retail companies add a powerful and user friendly ‘design your own window or door’ function to their websites.

Installers can register now to be the first to receive details of Showroom and Capture as soon as they are available to purchase via


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