The industry-leading Blink Integral Blinds just got better. Nathan Barr, Managing Director of the manufacturer ODL Europe, said: “We don’t believe in standing still. Even though we are the industry leader, we wanted to take Blink Integral Blinds to the next level and that’s what we’ve done.”

Blink Integral Blinds offer an excellent upselling opportunity. Suitable for windows and doors, they are the modern alternative to traditional corded or cordless door and window blinds. They consist of an insulated glass panel with blinds between the glass.

Developments include improvements to the raise, lower and tilt operation. The operator switch to control the facilities has been redesigned to make it more ergonomic. Similarly, the aluminium guiderail that houses the operator switch has also been improved to make switching between facilities easier, as has the operator stopper resistance. Nathan said: “Using Blink Integral Blinds should be a pleasure every time – these enhancements make controlling the light and privacy in a home a more sophisticated experience.”

The aesthetics of the blinds have also been improved with double valances to hide unwanted joints. Nathan said: “The beauty of Blink Integral Blinds is in their understated elegance. The double valances enhance this.”

The aluminium guiderail is now on the internal side of the operating channel, a move that makes inserting the wedge gasket and beading easier. Nathan said: “We always want to improve the installation process wherever we can. This small change makes a big difference.”

The new Blink Integral Blinds are available in 10 colours, each with matching surround and slats.

ODL Europe is a company committed to continuously developing its product offering and customer experience. The enhancements to the company’s Blink Integral Blinds come hot on the heels of a new online portal that will enable ODL Europe’s customers to price and order Blink Integral Blinds online 24/7. Together, they show a company committed to its customers and helping them capitalise on every opportunity.


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