Nationwide Windows and Doors has made the switch with their composite door glazing cassette system having adopted DoorCo’s pre-foamed FLiP system.

DoorCo have paved the way in the cassette world with the launch of their system in 2021, which had a rework at the end of 2023 to roll out further improvements. The system comes with Foam in Place Technology, is available in 3 different profiles, and now features a simple corner and connector system which offers improved security and weatherability.

Speaking on making the change, John Whalley, Nationwide’s Managing Director, tells us, “We’ve been impressed watching the rise of the FLiP system from DoorCo over the last couple of years. It’s been a journey of innovation and has evolved into a product that addresses a lot of the complex needs of the industry.”

Dan Edwards, Nationwide’s Production Director, continued, “The system is both streamlined and extensive. The pre-foamed gasket removes the need for glazing tape and the corners and connectors coming pre-screwed makes the whole system extremely quick and easy to use. However, the simplicity of the fitting does not extend to the offering, which is vast.

“The range includes 3 different profiles and a full selection of standard colours and stains, which match the most popular door colours. This level of variety makes FLiP a system that ticks every box.”.

Talking about this new arm to their partnership, DoorCo’s Managing Director Dan Sullivan tells us “Nationwide are a much-valued customer of ours and we really respect their perspective and opinions.

“We launched FLiP around 3-years ago now and have been working hard on continually innovating the system to ensure it can be everything that everyone in our industry needs and wants.

“We’re really pleased that the team at Nationwide will be utilizing FLiP in their production lines on upcoming projects. We’re confident that the system is at a point where it’s hugely exceeding market standards and will provide Nationwide’s end customer with the best product possible. We’re looking forward to working with the team at they make the switch and hearing from their experiences of using it.”.

DoorCo’s prepped composite doors come with the FLiP cassettes as a standard, but the system is also available for purchase via their distribution arm for fabricators to glaze with in-house.

For more information on FLiP, you can download the brochure from the DoorCo website or contact a member of the team on or 01625 428955.

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