Untitled-12013 is a milestone year for National Plastics: the UK’s largest independent trade counter is celebrating 25 years in business. Such an anniversary would be reason enough for celebration, but the company also has another reason to crack open the champagne: it’s seen its highest ever sales to date this year and the trend looks set to continue.

Managing Director Geoff Foster says, “We have grown exponentially in the past 25 years and we are very proud of our success. But we couldn’t have done it without our staff or customers and now is a good time to thank them for their loyalty and support.”

Twenty five years in business plus record sales are no mean feats in today’s economic climate, so what is it that the company is doing that means it’s not only surviving but also thriving?

Geoff says there are four reasons behind their success.

The first is the range of products on offer. Geoff says, “The most important thing our customers want is the ability to come in and buy what they need, when they need it. It sounds simple but having the right stock readily available is one of our key business objectives. And our group buying power means that not only can we give customers the range of stock they need, we can also supply it at a competitive price.”

The second is the quality of service that the team offers. Geoff says, “We are lucky to have a solid team of dedicated people working with us, as well as a great network of suppliers behind us. It means we are all committed to ensuring our customers get a level of service that meets and exceeds their expectations.”

The third is the company’s commitment to expansion. In what was undoubtedly a challenging marketplace last year, the company pushed forward with ambitious plans, relocating some depots to larger units and even opening a brand new depot in Cheltenham. Geoff says, “Opening larger units enables us to carry more stock lines and larger stock quantities, so we can supply more products “off the shelf”.”

Lastly, it’s the customers and Geoff is quick to point out that National Plastics would be nowhere without their support and input. “Our customers have and always will be the core of what we do and we centre our business around them and their requirements. It means we’re able to provide the solutions they need to grow their own businesses.”

2013 might be a celebration year for National Plastics, but complacency is not an option. Geoff concludes, “We constantly assess and evaluate what we do to ensure we get it right. It could be easy to get complacent, but we know there are many out there who would happily take our place so we are always striving to retain and increase our market share.”

With passion like that and ambitious plans afoot for 2014, it looks likely there will be more anniversaries to come.