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The National Fenestration Awards launched this year as the brand new awards scheme for the UK Glass and Glazing Industry, nominated and voted for online by the industry itself and not by a panel of judges.

The response from the industry so far has been phenomenal with over 100 registering to vote on the first two days of launch and registrations coming in daily.

The Second Category has opened for nomination to find The Industry Magazine of 2013.

Glass and Glazing Industry magazines have been around for many years. Whether they encompass the overall glass and glazing industry or whether they specialise in a particular sector of it, the majority of the fenestration industry chooses to work with the many magazines available for editorial, to release new products, to advertise, to inform about changing standards or legislation and much more.

These magazines also make company announcements, advertise for vacancies, inform us of new vacancies and changes to job roles and even obituaries. For many, involved in the door and window sector, the industry magazine is the only way they see fit to gain the exposure and coverage they require.

With most of the industry subscribing to every publication available all are different in some way. From the regional magazines, to the multi- page glossy heavyweights, all aim to provide a service and to represent our industry.

Things are changing. People now read their news on electronic devices such as tablets and phones and less rely on physical print. Already the industry chooses to keep up to date via media in electronic format. Mobile content is probably the fastest growing phenomenon in the world right now, and the rate of sales in mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets are booming. The long established newspapers and magazines have for a few years now identified the advantages of electronic media and created their own online versions of their publications which are being well received by consumers even if they have to pay for subscription.

The fenestration industry is changing with more and more of the industry magazines embracing online media but still relying on good old printed matter. The magazine sector in our industry will arguably go through a challenging period.

Despite this, the magazines that serve the fenestration sector remain important to the industry and continue to be read by many thousands.

The National Fenestration Awards want you to register to vote and put forward nominations to find the Industry Magazine of 2013.

About The National Fenestration Awards.

The National Fenestration awards are organised and run by the leading and successful industry websites, Aluminium Trade Supply and Double Glazing Blogger. Both websites are well known in the industry with thousands of monthly visitors to them. Aluminium Trade Supply being the first and only website of its kind in the country and Double Glazing Blogger being the top industry blogging website.


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