After 23 years with MRA Marketing, Lucia Di Stazio is stepping down as Managing Director to explore new opportunities client-side. Her leaving will overlap with other significant changes in the business and will be carefully phased and managed with a developing new team. Lucia’s planned departure should end in the summer, but she will continue to support MRA on a non-exec project basis until a full handover is complete.

MRA Marketing is making a number of changes to the business designed to take the company to the next stage in its development. While the year-long pandemic hit many sectors of the economy hard, it boosted construction and RMI. It also accelerated planned changes at the multi-award winning construction specialist.

CEO Mike Rigby comments: “The announcement will surprise those who know Lucia, but it isn’t a sudden decision. Lucia wants to explore client-side opportunities in the industry, and put into practice what she’s preached, helping to make a difference with winning strategies and plans. I’m sorry to see Lucia go but she goes with my blessing. Over the years we’ve worked seamlessly and successfully together, and it’s one of the most productive working relationships I’ve had, so I wish her the best.”

Lucia adds: “My journey and experiences at MRA has been more than words can explain. I joined in 1997 as a Market Research Assistant and became MD in 2016. Working closely with Mike Rigby, we’ve grown the business into the No.1, full service agency in construction. Mike is a fantastic coach and mentor who encourages learning and development and opens doors to make things happen. I’ve learnt from probably one of the best strategists in the industry! My time at MRA has been very special and memorable, but it’s the right time for me to make the jump to client-side and develop in new areas.”

Following the recruitment of new people and investment in a number of new products and resources over the last two years, MRA has built up the capability of its three core divisions: marketing, research and data services. “Customers and the market will not notice any sudden changes,” says CEO Mike Rigby, “but we’re gradually separating MRA Marketing into three businesses. As we do, each business will increasingly feel the benefit of a talented team, and a raft of exciting new products. All our products and services are designed to help companies grow by improving their marketing, insights and strategy.

“We have some extremely talented people, who are keen to build the business,” Mike continues, “but with three very different businesses in one it’s too complicated to navigate and drive unless you’ve spent years in the driving seat, as Lucia and I have. So we’re separating them to make them simpler, so the teams can navigate and drive, and decide themselves what’s best for each one. It will also be a lot faster for the teams to take new products to market. I’m really excited by these new innovations and I think the market will be too.”


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