The desire amongst installers to ‘attract more high-end clients’ has become a primary reason for seeking new quoting software, according to latest research from Tommy Trinder.

Tom Barfield, Business Development Consultant to Tommy Trinder, speaks to a lot of window installers; he’s carried out more than 170 demos of the firm’s market leading sales app over the six months. And, according to Tom, when it comes to buying software, it’s all change:

“During the pandemic it was all about saving time. Installers, working all hours to keep up, turned to Tommy in the need for speed; as a means to get quotes out more efficiently. Quite honestly, installers just wanted their evenings and weekends back!

“But 2023 was totally different.  The going got tough, and installers quickly recognised that there’s more to winning hearts & wallets than simply getting a quote out of the door. This year installers have been on the hunt for software that will wow homeowners; tools to help position them at the upper end of the market selling quality products to discerning customers.”

The rise and rise of Tommy Trinder is well-documented; from a standing start four years ago the firm has grown rapidly to become to go-to quoting app for over five hundred window installers. The ‘flight-to-quality’ amongst installers in 2023 has spurred further gains for the firm, with more than twenty installation companies now signing up to use the app every month.

Commenting on the changing role of software in the industry, Chris Brunsdon, founder & CEO of Tommy Trinder says:

“The cold wind that has been blowing in the bottom half of the market seems set to continue for some time, so it’s no wonder that installers are actively seeking out tools that will help them stand out from the pack.

“Tommy Trinder makes it easy to show off premium features such as foils, dual colours, dummy vents, mechanical joints, flush casements, surface mounted bars, premium ironmongery etc. in a visual and engaging way. With sales of basic white windows dwindling, installers are telling us these details are key to making the most of every opportunity.”

Another key weapon when selling to the premium market is the ‘makeover’. Tommy Trinder report that around 100,000 homeowners received a quote generated by the app in 2023, and notably 60% of quotes were accompanied by a ‘makeover’.

“The makeover, where installers provide a mock-up to the homeowner of their new windows in situ, is definitely becoming a staple part of the quoting process,” says Chris.

“When you consider the ease with which consumers are able to model other significant purchases like cars or kitchens, it feels inevitable that offering the client a visual of windows and doors will become the norm.

Customers love being able to try before they buy – trying out different styles, colours and bar options and instantly seeing the results in situ. It all adds up to a memorable and compelling buying experience.”

Installers can find out more about Tommy Trinder and book a free demo at

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