The team at Hanley Trade Frames have been so delighted with the quality and reliability of Haffner Murat machinery that the company has invested further in a new Haffner SMR-4 welder.

Haffner Murat’s SMR-4 welder has taken the market by storm because it is the fastest and most accurate in-line welder on the market. Steve Thomas, Director at Hanley Trade Frames agrees with this statement and says, “Quite simply, this machine does everything that the marketing material claims and more. There is really nothing else like it out there and we’re genuinely impressed with the reliability, alignment, accuracy and quality the machine gives us.”

The SMR-4 welder is the first welder on the market to eliminate the problem of corner weld misalignment in the fabrication process. This is because it can auto-align corners as well as transoms. Even if the arrow head is slightly out, it still welds the transom at 90 degrees. It removes the need for a skilled operator and eliminates costly remakes, saving time and money.

The welder’s automatic head positioning offers other benefits apart from eliminating remakes. It also means there is no need for set squares or aligning tools. Other automatic features include automatic transom fences, automatic corner fences and automatic transom and mullion alignment, all of which will dramatically speed up the production process and increase quality.

The SMR-4 welder purchase from Hanley Trade Frames has come hot on the heels of other machinery investments in Haffner Murat machines. Steve explains, “Our business has been built on a reputation for quality and reliability and our machinery partner needs to reflect this value. Over the years we have purchased numerous Haffner machines and we have always been delighted. Furthermore, Dave Thomas of Haffner is upfront, reliable and honest and we trust his approach.”

Continued investment in machinery suggests a growing, successful business and that’s exactly what Hanley Trade Frames is.   The company currently manufactures around 250 frames per week from their Stoke on Trent premises and has witnessed continued, steady growth over the past couple of years.   The trade only fabricator offers a range of windows, doors and conservatories.

Steve concludes, “Our growing order book would suggest we’ll continue upward sales growth this year. Haffner Murat machines have helped us meet growing demand for our products and there’s only one company we’ll turn to when we need to extend production again.”

Repeat custom is perhaps the best form of endorsement and Hanley Trade Frames’ relationship with Haffner demonstrates this perfectly.