Mighton Products recently made its catwalk debut at a prestigious London fashion show on 18th May, thanks to an unusual request for clothing materials from a student studying at Central Saint Martins College.

Student, Harry Gibbs, who is in his final year at the renowned arts college, was researching alternative materials for the university’s end of year runway show, when he stumbled across Mighton’s stainless steel sash chain. After originally planning to use the sash chain for jewellery, he actually ended up creating a full outfit from the product, and contacted the hardware specialist with a request for sponsorship in order to help him realise the designs.

As the UK’s longest established sash window hardware specialist, and a company that prides itself on its excellent customer service, Mighton Products is used to going the extra mile in order to keep its new and existing clients happy – and while Harry’s appeal was definitely one of the most bizarre to ever land in the company’s inbox – arrangements were made to supply a total of thirteen 15m rolls of sash chain to help with his project.

Mighton’s Kelly Softley said: “We are used to dealing with all kinds of requests, from businesses of all sizes, and we’re extremely proud not just of our market leading products, but our world class service as well. With that in mind this is definitely the first time we – or anyone in the industry for that matter – have been asked to contribute to a fashion show, but after considering Harry’s request and realising the effort and dedication he’d put in to his work, we were only too happy to help.”

IMG_1741Harry’s garments, which will take around 70 hours in total to complete, will be part of the Central Saint Martins College fashion show – an event that’s previously been judged by the likes of Celine and Luis Vuitton and covered by Vogue – and will be exhibited by the University as part of a degree show attended by around 75,000 people.

Established in 1983, Mighton Products manufactures and distributes products specially designed for timber sash and casement windows. As the UK’s oldest established sash window hardware specialist, it offers a comprehensive range of over 2,000 high quality sash, casement and door products.