Press Release Masterdor SeptemberMasterdor, part of the Litchfield Group, is the largest producer of engineered timber doors in the UK and its latest announcement means it looks set to cement that position for some time come. From now on the company will be using Medite Tricoya on its facing sheets. Gary Doxey, Masterdor’s Marketing Manager explains, “Medite Tricoya uses a process that’s the gold standard in improving wood. Using it on our facing sheets will mean our doors will offer superb performance beyond anything else in the market.”

Medite Tricoya uses a process call acetylation which makes the wood more dimensionally stable and more durable. The result is the finished Masterdor is unaffected by moisture and will not swell, shrink or expand as well of having enhanced fungal resistance.

The product comes from FSC-certified sustainable sources and, crucially for Gary, is environmentally responsible in other ways too. “We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. The process doesn’t add anything to the wood that isn’t there already, so it doesn’t introduce any toxins into the environment.”

Masterdor’s range of doors is designed and manufactured using timber engineering techniques that eliminate the usual problems suffered with traditional joinery. Every door is made to measure and is supplied as a ready-to-install unit. The company offers a vast range of styles and colours to give maximum customer choice. They are the most airtight doors on the market, offer superior security and are easy to maintain and repair. As evidence of these benefits, Masterdor doors exceed PAS23/24 and meet the requirements of Parts L and M of the building regulations. Additionally, fire door versions of the doors have been successfully tested to achieve 30 and 60 minute fire resistance.

Gary concludes, “Masterdor already offered a compelling door package. But by introducing Medite Tricoya, we’ve just made our offering a lot stronger.” It’s hard to disagree with his conclusion!

For more information about Masterdor and Medite Tricoya, contact Masterdor on 01773 852311.