aztec covered patio 2 emailA family has achieved optimisation of their outdoor space through an unusual approach to a home extension, pioneered by leading NorthWest conservatory fabricator CRS.

The Beecham family, in Wirral, wanted to make more use of their large patio, but did not want to conventional solution of a conservatory.

CRS, applying the benefits of the Aztec conservatory roof system, devised a strategy that involved creating an 11.4m x 4.5m roof over the area to protect from the elements whilst maintaining an ‘open air’ environment.

The double-glazed roof was colour-matched to requirements of light coffee, with all structural steelwork painted to the same colour.

“The new structural ring beam developed by Aztec, which can span up to 6m in a single length- was a major factor in our being able to create such a big roof,” explained CRS manager Dave Frost. “It means the open aspect has been preserved, with minimal, potentially intrusive, structural support. This couldn’t have been achieved with any other roof system, to my knowledge.

“The family is delighted, and CRS is similarly proud of the end result. A little imagination and the right tools can work really effectively!”

The Aztec roof system, originally designed and engineered by conservatory fitters to address the common fabrication and installation issues inherent in other roofs, is claimed to reduce on-site build time by up to 30%, and almost eliminate risk of remedial call-backs.

As well as offering a roof with a raft of unique features, Aztec Conservatory Roof Systems offers its fabricators unique benefits- including guaranteed areas of work without competition and no business taken direct. As a result, Aztec ( is now the leading independent conservatory roof systems