Picture above: SFS’s Product Manager Francesca McGibbon: “Our new SXP range represents a significant advancement”

SFS Group Fastening Technology has launched an innovative new range of single ply membrane fasteners, in three sizes featuring a unique self-coring washer design, with a choice of two head drives and hardened drill points plus two types of slimline drive bar and other benefits; all aimed at giving the installer full confidence in securing the widely used, triple layer, insulated panels.

SFS’s new SXP range is being introduced in three variants with the 25mm SXP2 intended to secure panel overlaps, while the 35mm SXP5’s proportionately longer point is for drilling into light-gauge steel, and the 47mm SXP14 delivers the greatest drilling capacity to tackle heavy gauge steel.

Produced in stainless steel with either Torx or Hex drive, all three have thread-free or free spin zones which prevent over-driving while also avoiding the fastener being loosened through vibration or thermal movement.  Crucially, the carefully engineered self-coring washer cuts a clear pathway through the insulation layer to avoid any unnecessary damage and help maintain the thermal integrity of the panel.

Product Manager Francesca McGibbon commented: “Our new SXP range represents a significant advancement on our previous offering for securing single ply membrane panels with the SXP2 being the new variant: a clamping fastener or ‘stitcher’ for panel overlaps. Our range has been designed for optimised performance in their specific application, thus providing an effective solution for all your needs. Originally, the fasteners used a Torx drive, but we have now added a Hex drive so there’s more flexibility and, therefore, greater confidence for installers.  Then, because of the way that the SXP range is designed, it achieves a much cleaner entry through the membrane, thanks to the self-coring washer.  Essentially its ‘corkscrew’ motion achieves a clear passage and minimum disruption to the insulation, which helps maintain the U-value of the roof build up.”

Trialling of the product, which has been developed specifically for the UK market, has produced positive reactionsThe SXP range is further supported by having secured an EPD while the SXP5 and SXP14 carry FM approval.  SFS Group Fastening Technology can provide full specification and technical support for the new range as well as data sheets and other supporting literature while sample packs are also available.

For further information, call 0330 0555888 or visit uk.sfs.com

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