Mackenzie Glass has claimed to be able to offer the glass industry the widest product range in the UK with more than 200 glass types in stock.

Pilkington’s first ‘Regional Partner’, Mackenzie’s offering is weighted towards the float-glass giant’s ranges. It nonetheless remains independent of it, also holding product in stock from Saint Gobain, Guardian, and AGC, plus specialist suppliers around the globe.

Mark Herbert, joint-Managing Director, Mackenzie Glass, said, the gradual evolution of its offer since acquisition in 2017, meant that it was able to offer its customers to the UK’s widest product range.

“We aren’t the biggest in the UK but I’m confident that we have the UK’s widest range of products”, he said. “We’ve gradually revised our offer, which although as a partner to Pilkington is focussed on its offer, also includes product from other leading float glass manufacturers and specialist providers from around the world.”

Mackenzie Glass expanded its laminates range earlier this year with the addition of 4,500mX3,210mmm over-sized 10.8mm laminate to its offer in addition to standard stock sheets of 3.2mX2.5m in 4.4mm to 14.8mm laminates, driven by demand from the commercial sector.

This also saw it add a second Boterro laminate cutting table, introducing new capacity to handle ‘super-sized’ 4.5m X 3.2m laminated sheets.

Mackenzie Glass’ has also seen increased demand for mirrored products, extending its range to includes more than 25 different options, ranging from standard 3mm to 6mm silvered; Safety-backed products; greys, bronzes, pinks, golds, champagne, black tints; and Italian Antique. 4mm-15mm satin glass is also kept in stock.

Mark continued: “Our focus has been on developing our range of added-value glass, so we hold a lot of acoustic and solar control products; fireglass; but we have also expanded our range of standard products, increasing stock holding at a time when many glass types continue to be in short supply.”

He added with demand still high, he expect shortages in glass supply to continue into the new year. “There appears to be very little slow-down in demand”, Mark said, “and with cold maintenance scheduled for UK float glass lines next year, production will also be put under increased pressure.

“Working with a broad range of supply partners means that we have been able to maintain stocks, including of those products that have been in short supply, for example medium thickness laminates, throughout the summer and into the autumn.”

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