An innovative partnership between Crittall Windows and Crystal Units Ltd is creating glazing that achieves the lowest available U-values combined with a host of other advantages.

A new agreement between steel window specialists Crittall and the north-London based Crystal Units involves an exclusive deal for the sale of CUIN insulating glass units that utilise a thin film inserted in the mid-point of a double-glazed unit so as to convert it to provide triple-glazed performance.

CUIN’s innovative design results in a thinner and lighter construction compared to traditional triple glazing, as well as being superior in performance. With U-values as low as 0.4 W/m2K in a double IGU, without increasing the glazing thickness or weight, this makes CUIN the eco-friendly, high performance choice over traditional glazing. And if inserted into a triple IGU a U-value of 0.2 W/m2K can be achieved.

Quite simply it is the most thermally efficient insulating glass unit available on the market today requiring up to 33% less glass and creating a profile that is up to 36% thinner.

The installation of the thin film into the unit also means that standard frames and hardware for double glazing can be utilised.

This combines with Crittall’s renowned slender steel hot-rolled profiles to provide maximum daylight ingress together with exceptional strength and security.

This thinness also reduces the weight of each unit with corresponding savings in transportation and loading on the structure in which it is installed. The carbon footprint of the building and its construction costs are thereby lowered.

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