Picture above: Nikki Dunbar, Liniar’s Design & Marketing Co-ordinator, with the new Specification Guide

To mark the 10th anniversary of the sale of the very first length of its profile, Liniar has launched its brand new Specification Guide at the FIT Show – providing architects and fabricators with comprehensive information on the entire range.

The stylish, 234-page full colour book contains all of the information that anyone could possibly need to know when it comes to specifying the innovative company’s windows, doors, conservatory roofs, building supplies and outdoor range.

Fitting celebration

“We think it’s a very fitting way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Liniar profiles hitting the market,” says Chris Armes, Liniar’s Design & Development manager.

“It’s been a huge task to collate all of this information in one attractive, easy to understand document, but the finished article looks outstanding and we can’t wait for people to see it.

Covering a vast range

“We launched our first Specification Guide in April 2015 which covered our window and door range in 96 pages.

“Since then we’ve launched the Alumina bi-fold as well as the EnergyPlus 90 system and building supplies, while also adding our roof range along with the outdoor products we produce – decking kits, fencing and plastic piling.

“The fact that the size of the guide has increased so dramatically just goes to show the scope of how big the Liniar range is now.

Getting technical

“We’ve used full isometric renders of our profile, created with 3D software, to lift the images right off the page and give architects a much better representation of how our products would fit into their projects.”

Packed from cover to cover, the Specification Guide contains full details of all Liniar’s products, including in-depth technical data and measurements on everything in the range, including ancillaries, case studies and follow up information.

Designed with care

Nikki Dunbar, Liniar’s Design & Marketing Co-ordinator, has been responsible for the compilation and styling of the guide.

“Putting together the Specification Guide has been a huge task. Not only has every detail and image been scrutinised over, but I’m very particular about the whole look of it and everything has had to be just right.

“Seeing it in print makes all the hard work worthwhile – we’re very pleased with the finished article.”

View online or order

An online version of the Liniar Specification Guide can be viewed in book format at www.liniar.co.uk/specification-guide and specifiers can order their own free hard copy at www.liniarspecguide.co.uk/liniarweb.

As well as launching the new Specification Guide, Liniar has also updated its online resource centre for specifiers and developers, which contains a wide range of information and resources to assist with specifying Liniar profile. Please visit www.liniar.co.uk/specifiers to check it out.